Paris Hilton Reveals Whether or Not Kim Kardashian is Getting an Invite to Her Wedding

The former BFFs have a longstanding history of making up and breaking up.

By Jasmine Washington

Paris Hilton may still be basking the joy of being newly engaged, but she’s already got her wedding invite list all sorted out, and her former frenemy Kim Kardashian is definitely at the top of it.

Hilton confirmed that her former bestie-turned-nemesis-turned-bestie again will have a front row seat at her upcoming nuptials during a quick chat with TMZ.

Fresh off of a romantic trip to Aspen, the reality starlet revealed that she and actor Chris Zylka will begin planning their wedding in the coming weeks.

Kim Kardashian made her red carpet debut as Paris Hilton’s assistant/closet organizer back in 2006. The duo remained close friends until Kim reportedly got fed up with Hilton’s mistreatment. Kardashian and Hilton would go on to have their fair share of shady exchanges over the next decade, but recently settled their beef.

There’s something about proposals that immediately make you want to shed a tear. In this Love & Hip Hop clip, Shawne Williams surprises Jessica Dime with an engagement ring.

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