Watch T.I.'s Video for 'The Amazing Mr. F**k Up'

"I loved you when there was nothing and now look what you've done to me."

T.I.'s latest music video has us wondering if the rapper is trying to send a message to his wife Tiny.

"The Amazing Mr. F-ck Up" is part movie, part music video, and all sorts of emotional. In the video, T.I. is caught cheating on his wife in a pretty public manner and has to grapple with the ways that his actions have messed up his relationship.

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After a tense scene at dinner, Victoria Monét sings, "I loved you when there was nothing and now look what you've done to me." They say art imitates life, right?

T.I. then starts rapping about his infidelities and how they affected his relationship:

Thinkin', you f-cked that up again, man, why don't you just apologize?

For all the time you done got caught out in all the lies.

For all the time that shawty put in on this long ride.

I'm 'posed to show her compassion, I show a lot of pride.

Then when she looked at me, told me, "You runnin' out of time."

But this gon' feel different on the other side, it's gon' feel amazing.

In the video, we also see T.I. buying presents to try and get his lady back.


Sound familiar?

He says it's amazing how much pain he has caused her and he is shocked by how much he has f-cked everything up. T.I. raps, "Look how I went from kissing and hugging her to being just a n---a she suffers for."


In the video, T.I.'s wife does leave him for good, and it's only when the video cuts to 6 months later that T.I. sees that she has completely moved on and remarks, "F-cked that one up big time."


T.I. and Tiny seem to be working things out, so maybe this music video serves as both a cautionary tale and an apology of sorts. You can watch the full video below:

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