Here's What Jordan Peele Thinks About Tying Up Some Loose Ends With a 'Get Out' Sequel

Apparently there is more story to tell.

I think many of us can agree that Get Out was thought-provoking, suspenseful...and anyone who's watched it has done so more than once. But brace yourselves because there may be a follow up to Chris' terrifying weekend with the Armitages. Yes, that's right. A Get Out sequel may be in the works!

get out

At The Hollywood Reporters’ sixth annual Nominees Night, director Jordan Peele gave a very promising answer when he was asked whether or not he'd be open to continuing his wildly popular film. “I can tell you I will definitely, seriously consider it. I love that universe and I feel like there is more story to tell. I don’t know what it is now, but there are some loose ends,” he said.

Those "loose ends" have been considered by Peele in other interviews, too. In a Q&A with Los Angeles Times, Peele reveals that he's thought about characters in Get Out that are worth exploring further.

"The key for me is that it just has to be moving the ball forward. What’s the movie saying? What’s it exploring? It can’t be the same thing," he tell the paper. "I have pages of the history of the secret society that the Armitages are a valuable faction of. I also have pages on the history of this family from when Dean and Missy first got together, how they raised their children. The Armitage family is a whole creepy movie in itself."

Well, one thing is for sure: If part two for Get Out does come to fruition, it will not be any time soon. Peele says he took eight years to write the original, and he's not into the idea of creating a follow up for the hell of it. "I would never want to do a sequel that just feels like for the sake of a sequel," Peele added. "I would have to have a story that I feel like would take it up a notch."

While the sequel is currently only dancing around in Peele's mind, the fan love for Get Out is still thriving. The internet was up and arms when the film's cast walked away empty handed at the 2018 Golden Globes, but it is up for four Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actor (for Daniel Kaluuya).

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