10 Times Drag Queens Immortalized Your Favorite Reality Stars

From <I>Real Housewives</I> to <I>Mob Wives</I>, these drag queens are coming for you, ladies.

If there's a God then she certainly gave us drag queens, and she's given us another season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, premiering tonight (August 25th), too.

Drag queens can seemingly do it all--sew, paint, lip sync--while in six-inch heels, not unlike their reality TV sistren. In honor of the season premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, we've collected video proof of some of our favorite drag queens impersonating some of our favorite reality queens. From standout moments on Snatch Game to deep cuts in dive bars around the world, you do not want to sleep on these uncanny send-ups of everyone from the Real Housewives to Big Ang.

Pearl as Big Ang

Pearl was always sleepy but her impression of the late great Big Ang was anything but tired. While the Drag Race finalist's makeup and voice were both a bit too abrasive to capture the warmth of the Mob Wives' star, her commitment to Ang's narrative of "family loyalty" gave her respectable one-liners.

Bob the Drag Queen as NeNe Leakes

Of course, Bob went on to win season eight of Drag Race but even she has a little of Linnethia Monique Leakes in her repertoire. In this sickening performance, Bob effortlessly goes from channeling NeNe's iconic "close your legs to married men" feud with frienemy Kim Zolciak to Beyoncé's "Diva". Linnethia might not be a diva, but Miss NeNe certainly is.

Amiyah Chancellor as K.Michelle

Amiyah Chancellor isn't a drag queen but a fierce trans performer who absolutely slays a K.Michelle impersonation. In a video uploaded to YouTube, Amiyah mimics the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, performing her single "Cry". With an expertly contoured face, that blended wig, and all of that padded K.Michelle body, this queen really had us thinking it could have been the real K. in a bar somewhere in Atlanta.

Willam as Jessica Simpson

Season four of RuPaul's Drag Race saw Willam put on the boots, made for walking, of singer, reality star, and Chicken of the Sea truther Jessica Simpson. The results were hilarious and Willam has gone on to make appearances as his vapid, clueless version of Simpson ever since.

Dida Ritz as Porsha Williams, Latrice Royale as Kenya Moore

Real Housewives of Atlanta basically serves drag act on a platter but the material would not be complete without the master work that Dida and Latrice serve in this reenactment of the iconic "Bye Ashy" scene. It's hard to know who's winning more in this parody: Dida's identical contour to Williams or Latrice's Valley Girl affectation.

Adore Delano as Anna Nicole Smith

The Drag Race finalist and former American Idol contestant brought an Anna Nicole Smith impersonation infused with such silly dizziness and faux drunkenness, it's impossible not to smile just watching it. Never one to to phone it in, Adore was in her body in this challenge from the wobbly posture to her hands-above-her head clap.

Joslyn Fox as Teresa Giudice

Fox was season six's sleeper hit when it came to the comedy queens and it was never better on display than when she embodied the Jersey strong one during Snatch Game. Fox's attention to detail made sure she had all the "ingredientses" for a perfect Jersey housewife from the tiniest forehead in showbiz to the phonetic choice to always over-pluralize wordses.

Jasmine Masters as NeNe Leakes

Masters didn't get to show off her many talents during her time on Drag Race but she knows how to embody a rich b---h, too. The seasoned queen brought the Real Housewives of Atlanta's stars famous fights, lines, quotes, and bloops to life on the stage of WeHo's Mickey's. The precision in her lip syncing dialogue is so good, we aren't even mad that there's no music or dancing peppered in.

Naomi Smalls as Tiffany "New York" Pollard

Smalls could always crank out a stunning look but she turned it way down when she embodied the original HBIC of Flavor of Love during Snatch Game. While her boobs weren't big enough and her voice not loud enough, she sure showed up in the motherf--king house and slayed with that blue eye makeup.

Morgan McMichaels as Tabitha Coffey

Drag Race alum McMichaels' elaborate mashups, often with full sections of dialogue, are the thing of pure legend in the drag world. Pair those with the flawless way in which she can paint her face to be just about anybody, and you get this uncanny impersonation of the Tabitha Takes Over star. Add in a little bit of Meredith Brooks' "B---h" for good measure, and you're letting her in to remodel your rundown salon.

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