Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Expecting Twins?

Could there be two adorable reasons why Kim is keeping this pregnancy so quiet?

The Kardashian family has been uncharacteristically quiet about the latest pregnancy of Kim and Kanye. Many suspect it's likely due to the massive amount of attention focused this week on Caitlyn Jenner, but could there be another reason? How about two reasons?

Our friends at The Gossip Table say there's a big announcement coming for Kim and Kanye: she's pregnant with twins as a result of their extensive IVF treatments. The couple is waiting to announce until they are a bit safer to do so — Kim is only three or four months along at this point.

Kim had a pretty miserable pregnancy last time and we hope this one — double duty or not — goes a bit more smoothly for her. We also hope the Twittersphere spares us all even more directional name suggestions. And North? Don't worry, you're still number one.

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