Work It, Rock It! The Hottest Musicians To Ever Go Glam In Fashion Ads

Rock and pop stars are very talented people. They are also  very attractive people. When they decide to combine their incredible talent with their incredible good looks and take a turn at modeling for some high-end fashion houses -look out! The results are, predictably, insanely hot. Y’heard? We thought so. Get ready folks, because it’s time to vogue our way through Vogue (and Elle and Harper’s…)!

Folks like Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga spend a huge part of their time exercising their fabulous physique onstage during grueling live performances, so it makes sense that they’d want to show off their hard-earned hard bodies…and also make some serious cash on the side! Riri rep’d for Emporio Armani a few years back, and most recently for Balmain in their spring 2014 collection. Queen Bey turned heads last year with jaw-dropping ads for H&M, and Gaga’s Versace ads prove that Mother Monster can rock the old school Hollywood look, in addition to…well, her zillions of OTHER looks!

From Madonna to Courtney Love, and Selena Gomez to Justin Timberlake, head up to the gallery above for the gorgeous men and women of music who have gone glam in fashion ads. Enjoy!

[Photo: Emporio Armani/H&M/Versace]

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