Sneak Peek: That Awkward Moment When Ryan Henry Shows Up to a Tattoo Convention With a Whole New 9Mag Team

The battle of 9Mag OG vs 9Mag 2.0 is officially on and poppin'!

If Van is kicking chairs then you know it won't end well.

Ryan Henry has his old friends all the way twisted in the Black Ink Crew: Chicago sneak peek when he pulls up to a tattoo convention with a new crew. Harlem's own Ceaser is even confused, pressing Ryan on why he felt the need to recruit a bunch of new artists. Ryan explains the toxicity of the old shop was overwhelming and Ceaser gives him a stern warning that "once you cross this line, ain't no going back."

If anyone knows about burning bridges, it's Cease (see: infamous chicken wing.) You think Ryan cares? Nope. While 9Mag OG is flipping out at the disrespect, Rachel's by her man's side, sippin' champagne.

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