5 Celebs Who Were Served Court Papers in the Shadiest Way

Why they do O'Sh*t like that?

As the saying goes: "Mo' money, mo' problems" and there is nothing funny or cheap about being on the wrong side of the law. Recently Black Ink Crew's O'Sh*t was the latest celeb to join the "You Got Served Club." The tattoo artist was handed some legal docs at his wedding reception and we ain't talking marriage certificates.

Although embarrassing (and not to mention a total buzz kill), O'Sh*t isn't the only star to be served in the worst way. Check out these times Tyga, Ciara and Kim Kardashian were also served in the strangest places.

1. O'Sh*t Getting Served at His Wedding Reception

It appears O'Sh*t (real name Richard Duncan) was behind on child support, and one of his baby mothers found it best to serve the paperwork on his big day with Nikki. As you can tell by their reaction, Nikki and O'Sh*t were not here for it. Savage level on a trillion!

2. The Time Tyga Got Served at His Own Sneaker Release Party

Who can forget the time Tyga got served at his sneaker release back in 2015? The G.O.O.D Music rapper was reportedly overdue on payments for a mansion he was renting and the landlord came calling for his paper. The guy who served Tyga the paperwork even went as far as posing for a picture and getting an autograph before slyly sliding the court order into the mix. Hey, at least homie bought two pairs of sneakers in the end.

3. The Time Tyga Got Served... Again... on His Birthday

It's my party, and I'll get served if I want to. Just last November, Tyga experienced a case of déjà vu when he got served a second time in public. This time he allegedly owed money on a few cars he was leasing. The server slickly blended in with paparazzi, before handing the rapper his paperwork while en route to celebrate his 27th birthday at Penthouse Nightclub. Perhaps Tyga could use some tips on how to get rid of bad karma?

4. That Time Ciara Got Served at Her Own Concert

It's not often that Ciara is upstaged at her own show— and we're not talking about a dance off. Back in 2013, the singer was served with legal paperwork, while on-stage at the L.A. Pride Festival. Thinking it was an eager fan seeking an autograph, Cici grabbed the paperwork, only to throw it right back at the fan. The lawsuit in question stemmed from a dispute with L.A. night club Hit Factory, which made claims that she bailed on scheduled performance.

5. That Time Lil' Scrappy Got Served at the Strip Club

Making it rain child support checks! Back in 2015, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's favorite mother and son duo, Scrappy and Momma Dee, were enjoying themselves at the strip club a process server served Scrappy paperwork to appear in court. Apparently Scrappy's baby mother, Erica Dixon, kept true to her threats to serve Scrappy for backpay on child support. Cold world!

6. That Time Kris Humphries Served Kanye West.. at Kim Kardashian's House

Special delivery! In a bizarre twist, a then Kim Kardashian-Humphries was once served at her own home- but the special delivery was addressed to Mr. West. At the time, Kris Humphries and Kim were fresh into their divorce proceedings after only two months of marriage. Humphries' lawyer plotted the legal sneak attack by serving a subpoena to Kanye West, disguised in a Nordstrom gift box and mailed to Kim Kardashian's house. The reason for the ploy was due to Kris's belief that Kanye and Kim were having an affair, although Kim was still legally married to him at the time. Kris also wanted to prove that his marriage to Kim was a sham for TV-ratings, a sham that he unfortunately wasn't in on. Yikes!