Fighting Words: Drita Just Called Karen Out For Being A Rat, Karen Responds

"U don't exist in my home u irrelevant Dildo."

In the Mob Wives sneak, everything seemed to be all good as the girls were beginning to put to rest their differences and start to come together again. These girls are all about loyalty but seems like Karen lost Drita's trust when she called a blog to spill some misinformed tea about Drita's husband Lee. Everyone knows Drita does not play when it comes to her man and she took to Instagram to let Karen know that she needs to back off. (Not that we need to tell you this, but Karen DID date Lee D'Avanzo for several years before he married Drita, so there's always been friction there.)

In an Instagram photo posted today featuring Karen's mugshot, Drita wrote:

"This Rat called a blog n asked them 2 post a story that my husband was arrested. It's not true so it wasn't posted but u got caught being a lying sneaky rat. U don't exist in my home u irrelevant Dildo. N 4 some 1 that's blocked u sure respond quick. Stop stalking n Go back into hiding in the witness protection program where u belong. The attention u give me n Lee should go towards ur mustache. #MobSlob #MissMustache #Stalker #FatalAttraction #SingleWhiteFemale mother fu$ka #MyNumberOneFan"

Long before Drita blasted Karen, seems like Karen was already unbothered and ready for whatever:

Get Ready for #mobwivesseason6 it's about to get REAL even the fake stories can't deflect the TRUTH #thelaststand #unbothered ?— Karen Gravano (@KarenGravanoVH1) January 11, 2016

"Rats" aren't tolerated in this life, and Drita's making a bold statement using that turn of phrase, don't you think? Tune in to see how the drama got to this place when Mob Wives premieres Wednesday, January 13th at 8/7c!

UPDATE: Karen responded to Drita's allegations on Instagram, calling Drita, among other things, a green screen gangsta and making allegations against Lee D'Avanzo:

"First off this is the corny shit a bitch would do to try and shield the TRUTH LMFAOOOO. Takes my mugshot n post on a case that I told on no1. @dritadavanzoladyboss I never told on anyone in my life but I don't think your husband can say the same because we all know he did a proffer in his case to take less time ?☕️ & the whole STATEN island heard the same thing about him being arrested So why you trying to make this shit up on me...I stand behind anything I say I state facts bitch I don't make up stories unlike yourself who went to VH1 and said that you couldn't work with me because you and your husband were scared of my father some corny shit your bitch ass did to try and block my money but it didn't work because we all had to get in the room & yet again you backpedaled and changed your story ???I never ever resorted to blogs in my life. That's what you and your corny ass friends do on the low You have always been infatuated with my life and being gangsta so you want to make up a story about me blogging b4 The truth comes out!!!! I blogged gangland ?????? Please bitch ???????? 4 who ?????? Y would I contact gangland ???? And if that's what you think let's contact gangland together bitch or whatever blog you're saying I made the story up to...That's a joke but like I said anything to be gangsta. I brought this WACK bitch around because she was introduced by a friend that I truly respect n still have love 4 but didn't know she was a Single white female bitch !!! You TALKIN about go back 2 witness protection do you even know your husband was out there visiting my father in the witness protection program lol listen at the end of the day bitch if you got a problem and think I call blogs come see me you know where to find me!!! Other than that save the drama For TV bitch cause you're just a made up TV personality "lady boss" ??fucking green screen gangsta!!!!"