Dutchess Kicks Ceaser To The Curb For Cheating On The Next 'Black Ink Crew'

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To the left, to the left. Dutchess isn't playing any games when it comes to her newly fixed heart. After finding out her boo, Ceaser, has been creeping on her with another woman, Dutchess reminds Ceaser he's definitely not irreplaceable.

“I cannot believe he would do this to me. Anything he's needed I've always been a support to, so for him to treat me like this is real low,” Dutchess says.

Armed with a whole lot of anger, and her name on the lease, Dutchess takes all of Cease's things (which happens to be a ridiculous amount of sneakers) and puts them out on the streets with no regrets - even the dog!

Check out just how explosive it gets on Black Ink Crew Monday at 9:30 PM ET/PT on VH1.