Remember That Time Michelle Tanner Fell Off a Horse and Got Amnesia?

This may not have been an accurate depiction of amnesia.

Twenty years ago, millions of people experienced a cliffhanger the likes of which we could not imagine with the highest stakes we'd ever experienced. What would happen? What would become of our heroes? Would anything ever be the same?

I'm referring, of course, to the series finale of Full House. The one where Michelle Tanner (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) took up horseback riding, like, that day, immediately fell off her horse, hit her head, and forgot who she was/that her family likes to hug each other.

It happened. This actually took place. A group of people wrote it down, filmed it, and it aired on TV. So we need to celebrate it.

Basically, Michelle takes up horseback riding and a snooty girl's mother gets Danny (Bob Saget) all competitive and he makes her enter a competition. It goes great. No it doesn't — she gets a potentially fatal head injury. Nice job, Danny. Anyway, she gets a very TV head injury — no bruises, cuts, or any visible injury and no actual danger. Just a mean case of the no-memories. She remembers, like, how to talk and eat and put her shirt on, but not who her family is. Her doctor says this is super common and temporary. I am not a doctor but I am fairly certain that doctor was full of sh-t. They awkwardly have to tell her where her mother is (dead).

Then, something wonderful happens. Her memory splits from her body and talks to her. This is also very common with major head injuries. Happens all the time. Ultimately this totally plausible scenario was designed to allow Mary-Kate and Ashley to share the screen (though technically they already did that in an episode where their Greek family came to visit).

Michelle's memory gives her her entire memory back (for reasons of science!) and everything is OK. No lasting damage. Her major head injury had implications for, like, two days maybe. Also, DJ (Candance Cameron Bure) gets back together with Steve (Scott Weinger). The audience seemed more into it than the amnesia stuff. We get it. He's Aladdin.

Spoiler: they don't make it, what with how DJ is/was married to someone else on Fuller House. But he's dead now so there might be some Steve room. We'll see. What we probably won't see on Fuller House is both or either of the Olsen twins, but we'll always have this wondrous moment in TV history, the moment when Michelle meets Michelle's memory.

Candace Cameron Bure shares some details on what to expect from Fuller House.

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