Did Kidz Bop Just Say "Anal" In Their "All About That Bass" Cover?

If Meghan Trainor is bringing booty back, Kidz Bop is bringing anal back. Or so they claim. Listen to the Kidz Bop version of "All About That Bass" and pay close attention around 1:28. Did you just hear what we heard?

Where Trainor usually sings "I'm bringing booty back," the kids of Kidz Bop sing what sounds like "I'm bringing anal back." The music cuts out, and in a singular, dramatic belt, the kids sing "anal" as loud as they can.

Except they're not singing "anal." They're trying to sing "it all" in an effort to be even more G-rated than Trainor's bubble gum pop song already is. Too bad their mistake took the song from G-rated to X-rated real quick.

Complex picked up on the misheard lyrics this afternoon. They weren't the only ones who were surprised by what they heard.

— Spliffy McJingles (@Fluffaluffapuss) January 29, 2015

Kidz Bop say they "bringing anal back" lmfao they be fuckin up — NAWFSIDE SOSA (@Just_Yates) January 29, 2015

— Blaine Anderson (@bexxx913) January 23, 2015

What's more upsetting than kids bringing anal back is that Kidz Bop has had kids singing inappropriate songs before. How this tragic slip of the "a" word got past production is beyond us, but to be honest, we're happy it did. Here's a little something to help you clean your ears out.

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