How Momma Dee Got Her Groove Back: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 405

On tonight's episode we got Margeaux's Tea, Mimi's lies, and a woman named PreMadonna.

Tonight on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline and Margeaux made an unexpected friendship, Momma Dee shared big news with her family, and Mimi got in the middle of some drama between two volatile femcees.

Check our handy recap for the most ridiculous, hilarious, and memorable moments from episode 405.

Joseline finds out what an open marriage is from Margeaux.

Joseline meets up with Nikko's wife because she's ready to get that truth about Mimi.

Margeaux's like, "Dafuq up with that wig?"

JK. Margeaux says Mimi orchestrated the whole sex tape and then made up the story about Nikko losing his luggage to play victim.

Meanwhile Mimi is sweating working with Tiffany Foxx bad.

Tiffany says Mimi can help find her a good record but isn't sure about her management skills. Mimi makes this face.

When your man gives you a promise ring on all-you-can-eat-wing night you check him because you're a pimp.

But, seriously, Momma Dee and her ex-husband Ernest are getting serious AF.

Joseline DGAF if they're already married, the Jordans are having a white wedding.

She's also going to host a ladies night while Steebie's away because she's a new woman.

Raise your hand if you're sick of Rasheeda having the same conversations with Kirk too.

Rasheeda pops up on Kirk who is wayyyy over budget on their new house but is refusing to support her opening a store. Rasheeda makes a lot of empty threats.

Jessica and this wig meet Mimi about music management.

Dimepiece Mimi won't have time for Tiffany Foxx because she's a full-time job. Okay, girl, we get it.

Momma Dee got her groove back.

Momma Dee reveals to Scrappy that she's back with Ernest. Says she's getting that nut. We die inside.

Good guy problems vs. Bad guy problems

Kirk meets up with Tony, Tony's beard, and Joc. The "good guys" commiserate about marital and money woes but Joc says he has "bad guy" problems because you know...

Faith Evans isn't feeling, "Stingy With My Kutty Kat"?

Stevie's friend visits him in rehab and says she's waiting for him get back on his music grind.

Scrappy doesn't know all seven continents.

But he does know how his sister is going to take Momma Dee's news.

Jasmine's not feeling Ernest.

Says he's using Momma Dee for her money. Um. Dee's rich?

Joseline's puts up purple streamers and hires showgirls.

Girl's night *in*.

This is PreMadonna. Yup. PREMadonna.

She is Joseline's friend (via Blac Chyna) from Miami. Queen of the Waist Trainers!

Joseline gets LIFE from the Tea.

Margequx tells Karlie and PreMadonna the real story of the sex tape.


This is how Jessica Dime greets Tiffany at their "joint" meeting with Jazze Pha. Why you so mad, Jessica?

Dueces, MF Management

Tiffany leaves the meeting and MF Management. Forever?

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