Shay Johnson Intended to Apologize to Mint Chocolate But Ended Up Swinging On Her Instead

Life comes at you fast...

Shay Johnson tried to do the right thing after hurling that cone at Gabby's forehead. Unfortunately, trying and doing are two very different things.

In this Love & Hip Hop Miami bonus clip, Shay says that she did have good intentions when going to Prince's fashion show but Gabby's attitude caused things to go left. She and Liz recap what went down to Michelle Pooch who quickly recognizes that the problem is the men.

"You guys are acting out, acting in a different way than you should be acting," Michelle decides and reminds the ladies to keep it "classy." It's time for them to let go of Prince and Pleasure P so they can move forward with someone worth it.

Only when they're ready though. Don't miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Miami next Monday at 9/8c!