'AHS' Star Sarah Paulson Kills Herself off the Show in a Sexual Way Even Ryan Murphy Wouldn't Think Up

It involves getting sexual with <em>the</em> scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis.

One aspect that makes Ryan Murphy's twisted masterpieces American Horror Story and Scream Queens so damn iconic is the epic deaths. Some are totally ridiculous, others catch us completely off guard and make us act like we're mourning real people, and some, à la Ariana Grande, involve aggressive tweeting.

But how would these actors liked to be killed off if their fate wasn't in the hands of RM and his totally bril crew? We asked AHS vet Sarah Paulson and Scream Queens, well, queen, Jamie Lee Curtis at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles last night, where Ryan was being honored. Sarah took the reigns on this one, and her answer is like opening your first present on Christmas morning.

When asked the question, she turned to Jamie and said, "Could you squish me between your legs? Like with your thighs?" Jamie's perfectly justified response was: "Wow."

But don't you worry, Sarah elaborated...

"Like a nutcracker," she said, "I'd like to die like a chestnut." Her deep, soul-bearing answer understandably left Jamie speechless. She laughed and muttered, "I can't speak now."

It's sexual, it's dark and it's perfect, amiright? And apparently, when it comes to SQ deaths, we haven't seen anything yet. According to Jamie, we should brace ourselves: "Oh baby, wait."