7 Reasons Why Tom Hanks Is an American Treasure

In addition to his fine acting, Tom Hanks continues to be one of the most adorable, endearing people in the biz. From his contributions to the internet, to his continued support for his longtime love (and aspiring rapper of a son), Hanks is the one actor we’d want to play our father in the hypothetical movie about our lives. If you’ve been sleeping on Mindy Kaling’s rom com king, check out seven reasons why we believe Hanks is still the best.

1. He Embraces Social Media
In a pool of endless celebrity self-promotion, Hanks (or “Hanx,” as he prefers to go by online) has made himself a must-follow in the three-and-a-half-years since he joined the bluebird. Pairing self-awareness with positive punctuation, the actor provides insightful commentary about the weirdness of this business we call show. There’s also observations about the world around him and personal revelations that will go on to make headlines–but it all has that cheery, “Hanx” spin.

Even his biography is delightfully on point: “Sometimes I’m in pretty good shape, other times I’m not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?” Oh, we know, Tom. We know.

2. He’s Not Afraid To Try New Things

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Hanks made his Broadway debut earlier this year in Lucky Guy, Nora Ephron’s final work. He earned a Tony Award nomination for his performance, and even got his own caricature added to the wall at Sardi’s, a New York Theater District institution. Despite being a newbie, both of these accomplishments signify his acceptance within the Great White Way.

In addition to taking professional risks, Hanks is open to communicating with fans and followers in a different way. His Reddit AMA back in September was just the cutest, reminding us once again that he and our dads would get along just fine.

3. His Marriage Makes Us Believe In Love

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Heartbroken about Bruce and Kris? OK, let’s try again: still reeling over Amy and Will? Take solace in the fact that Hanks and his main squeeze are still going strong. Married for 25 years and counting, Tom and the lovely Rita Wilson remind us that love and a functioning marital union IS possible in Hollywood.

4. He’s Inspired A New Wave Of Street Art
Images of Hanks in his most iconic roles began popping up around New York City last year, in part as an homage to mysterious street artist Banksy.

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But wait — is Hanks actually Hanksy? Allow Stephen Colbert to explain…

5. He Gave Us Chet Haze
Whether you like to make jokes about the Northwestern alum’s attempts at rhyming, or simply want to appreciate his midsection, all thank yous should be directed towards Rita and Tom.

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6. He makes cameos in music videos.

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