A Binge-Watching Guide to Your Favorite TV Shows Ending This Season

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From HBO’s Boardwalk Empire to Parenthood on NBC, this season fans are forced to say goodbye to 13 hit series. For loyal TV viewers that just means prepping goodbyes whether its getting tissue boxes ready for an emotional final end credits or gleefully hate-watching a show to its miserable finish. Whatever the case, they are caught up and know everything there is — good and bad — about the series where the rest are busy trying to catch up before the highly anticipated final episode airs. Shows like Sons of Anarchy, Glee, Mad Men, and Parks and Recreation will likely get huge send offs meaning that if you want to know what’s happening, you’ll need to start bing-watching now. Luckily, we crafted a guide to all the shows ending this season so that you can plan your marathon experience.

And while some will require more couch time than others, we do offer you a few tips to help you save time. Though, for purists like me, every episode should be watched even if it’s a show like Glee. Sure the pregnancies in season one scared off a lot of fans but it was some of the best, darkest writing for a teen soap. It’s all those very special episodes that followed that really tested fans’ faith in the series. Meanwhile, if you had to skip anything of Parks and Rec it have would be the critically-panned season one when the show hadn’t found its voice.

If you’re not a fan of Charlie Sheen that means you get to breeze past the first eight seasons of Two and a Half Men and just ride out the finish with Ashton Kutcher. Or if you’re not a fan of change, then stop when Charlie Harper dies on the CBS hit or stick to the first three seasons of Cougar Town before it jumped to TBS. (Though, you’d really be missing out on some great Busy Philipps moments in the later half of the series.) But whatever you end up doing, just know that we did not create, write, or force you to watch The Newsroom. That was all by choice.

Click through the gallery above to find out when your favorite show is ending so you can plan just how long it will take you to catch up just to say goodbye this season. And when you’re done watch our Big Morning Buzz Live TV/film expert, Jack Rico, discuss the future of TV and how Hulu Plus, Netflix, and HBO Go are offering new ways to binge-watch your favorite shows like never before.

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