Teyana Taylor Crashes Interview as Iman Shumpert Clears Up Rumor He Was Messing With Drake's Alleged Baby Mama

"If I'ma wild out, that's how I'm wild'n out?"

*Cue* Shaggy: "It Wasn't Me."

Since Pusha T outed Drake for allegedly having a child by an Instagram model, the secret baby has been the topic of discussion everywhere. Naturally as that news flooded timelines, some casualties got caught up in the mess, one being Iman Shumpert. A false report alleged that Iman also messed with the young woman named Sophie Brussaux back in the day, a claim he adamantly denies. He stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club to chop it up and Charlamagne Tha God wasted no time getting into it. Off rip he asks, "Were you smashing Drake's alleged baby mama or what?" Talk about subtle. Iman answers,

My interactions with her were a long time ago. I ain't saying I smashed, I'm saying that my interactions with her were a long time ago and she was deported or- I don't know how that works.

The two never hooked up and according to him, she's a painter who's just cool. The conversation takes a shift from faux porn stars to the salacious "Fade" video when wifey Teyana crashes the interview to hilariously remind everyone that the only baby mama Iman has is her. Okurrrr!

Iman is shocked, but adorably happy to see her. The Sophie situation is brought up again and Iman explains why he felt the need to respond in the first place. Since no one defended him, the Sacramento Kings guard looked out for himself, hence the PSA denying any interaction with the woman.

With Teyana by his side, Iman powers through the questioning and even thanks the hosts for not feeding into the gossip. As far as the pictures insinuating that he did have relations with the woman, Teyana appears unbothered. "Iman would've been dead," she says. "I got his location and everything."

I mean, just look at how she pulled up! TT doesn't play.

Iman goes on to talk about his new music, his wife's music, and J.R. Smith dipping mid-game. Hear the full interview above!

In this throwback Teyana and Iman highlight, Teyana supports her hubby at his listening party.