8 Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About Making Out

Let's kiss and make up.

We already know that Hollywood gets plenty wrong about the realities of a one night stand, but as it turns out, they're pretty inexperienced when it comes to knowing what a proper make-out session is like, too. Now, that doesn't mean the silver screen hasn't produced some of the hottest mouth-on-mouth action ever (well helloooo, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook), but there's just a few things they still haven't gotten the hang of. Don't feel bad about it, Hollywood! Practice makes perfect!

1. The First Kiss is Magical

More often than not it is sloppy, awkward, and fueled by booze. Yes, sparks can fly with that first kiss, but it's rarely accompanied by perfect timing and a swelling musical score.

2. You'll Stay in the Rain and Not Take Shelter

Yes, it looks sexier to have to have people going at each other in the rain, but in reality, most of us seek shelter or an umbrella ASAP. Making out in the rain mostly just results in messy hair.

3. It Leads to Sex

You've seen it a thousand times in movies: a couple has a passionate kiss and then—BAM!—they're in bed. Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.

4. It Leads to Happily Ever After

Just like the sex quick-cut, Hollywood is even more guilty of having two characters kiss and then have it fade to their wedding day. Have you ever been making out with someone and then you both dissolved into your future selves at the altar? If so, seek medical attention immediately.

5. Kissing Someone You've Totally Hated Will Be Amazing

More than likely, you'll really want to bite their lip... and not in the sexy way.

6. Two Women Kissing is for the Male Gaze/Excitement

Sorry to break it to you, guys, not typically the case for most women.

7. It's (Mostly) Silent

You might hear some heavy breathing or lip smack here and there in movies, but making out in real life tends to be accompanied by a lot of noises.

8. Kissing At Difficult Angles Is No Challenge At All

Ever tried kissing at the stern of a ship like in Titanic, or even worse, upside down a la Spider-Man? It's mostly just head-rushes and strained necks. Making out face-to-face, symmetrically, is the preferred method.