Check Yourself: Joseline Says She Cries To Get What She Wants From Stevie

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"I know how to make that n*gga work," Joseline says during this week's Check Yourself. "Drop a tear or two, play my little mind games with Stevie."

"Joseline's emotional right now because we haven't touched each other in a while," Stevie says. "I want to touch her, I want to love her, I want to kiss her, I want to feel her." And there goes the rat face. It's all about getting the love where it needs to be so they can get this bread. "I don't think stupid, I think smart," Joseline says. Anything she has to do to get Stevie to work she'll do.

Awkward moment. Mimi has to walk side by side with K.Michelle for the first time since the flower incident as they console Ariane for her loss. Despite what they've been through Mimi can admit K has talent. "She gives me the chills," Mimi says. "She can sing, K can sing." Ariane wanted to make it right in any way she could because that's what her grandfather would've wanted. Our condolences to the beautiful Ariane for her loss.


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