Celebrities Being Inappropriately Sexy With Unsexy Things On Instagram

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All sorts of weird stuff happens on Instagram. All sorts of weird stuff happens when you're a celebrity. So when you put the two together, things are bound to get a bit freaky. Most celebs just ooze sex appeal, and apparently that gives said stars carte blanche to act as sexual as they like with completely unsexy things. Coffee cups. Breakfast cereal. Sign posts. Pets. You name it. Nothing is safe from the unruly sexuality of celebrity.

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We've already given you a guide to Rihanna being inappropriately sexy with unsexy things on Instagram, and we thought it would be in poor form to not explore the plethora of strange sexiness happening in the celebrity world at large. From the truly bizarre — Ke$ha getting down with a Christmas tree — to the expectedly quirky — Lady Gaga with flowers on her hoo-ha — nothing is sacred for these sexy celebs. Check out our gallery of celebrities getting all kinds of sexy with some questionable, non-sexy things on Instagram.