Cardi B Reveals She Is Currently Single After Her Ex, Tommy, Plays A Joke On Her

Don't try it with Tommy, though.

Since Cardi B's Love & Hip Hop debut, she's made it known that she's holding down her man Tommy who is currently serving time behind bars. In a recent plot twist, it turns out that Cardi and her beau have decided to separate. Yup, she's schingle. Yesterday (1/2) Cardi tweeted about a conversation she had with her now-ex where he admitted to her that he's talking to some chick from Rochester, NY.

Of course, several Rochester trollettes tried to come for Cardi online, but in her reg/deg fashion, she shut those haters down and let her fans know that she left him and that the two mutually agreed to see other people.

After cleverly clapping back at every uptown mofo trying to play her, Cardi revealed another convo with Tommy where he says he really isn't dealing with anyone else.

The joke's on Cardi because it was all a hoax on Tommy's end. The two are separated but thankfully for every girl in Rochester, he's not dealing with any of them. Smart man, I mean, look at Cardi.

You know Cardi got mad love for Tommy. She even wanted to marry him at one point. Take a look at this throwback clip where Cardi tells her sister Hennessy of her plans to marry her bae.