Kanye West Just Professed His Undying Love and Support for Bill Cosby

Where's the Kardashian family damage control team when you need it?

He done lost his mind.

Well, what was left of it.

Chief of Twitter Troll Staff Kanye West was fresh out of his mini rant against PUMA today when he completely switched gears. In a one-hour time span, he went from going in on the generally-liked company to then showing some special affection for arguably the most hated man in America right now: alleged sexual assaulter Bill Cosby.

We were all minding our own business and partaking in our usual stalking session, when all of a sudden this happened on our Twitter feeds:

What? Are you OK? Have your Twitter thumbs lost all control for good? Is "Facts" suddenly fiction? Does anyone smell a suspicious initiative to boost record sales?

The best part, though, is that after the confusing public gesture filled with caps and excessive exclamation points, is that Yeezy nonchalantly continued his day on Twitter like this:

It's like nothing ever happened. Or did it?... What's happening here? Did I just watch Black Swan for the first time? Is anyone else mindf---ed?

We will never understand.