Think It's Easy to Get 'SIGNED'? First You'll Have to Learn the Rick Ross Rules

Rozay makes the rules, contestants just have to follow them.

Rick Ross is here to let you know that the road to being SIGNED is not going to be paved with golden records. The mogul calls the show a "raw and un-cut opportunity for some of the dopest artists," and that means that Rick Ross, Lenny S. and The-Dream are ready to put the artists through some of the "realest situations an artist may face."

Ross has decided the only two rules in this game are to be hot and to be on your A-Game (Ain't no off days in the world of SIGNED, y'all.)


And because not everyone can be a winner, here are a few of the Rick Ross Approved™ ways that contestants can find themselves eliminated:

1. They're not being unique.

2. They're not performing.

3. They're not being something that's incredible.

Vague? Perhaps. But that's what makes the show so damn addicting. The entertainment business isn't always fair and it doesn't always make sense. You never know who's going to be going home because the moguls are making their decisions just like real record producers would. The reason: It's their careers and money on the line when all is said and done.

Get ready for a wild ride through the entertainment industry when SIGNED premieres Wednesday, July 26th at 9 ET.