Kendall Jenner's Pic to Kick Off Kylie's Birthday Is Uncomfortable and Intriguing at the Same Time

Because an 18th birthday usually calls for ass-up-in-a-car-ness.

Kylie Jenner becomes legal on Monday, and it seems that rather than finally running free with Tyga, it's running free with 🎶 face down, ass up 🎶 she's prioritizing. #IntoIt. We're still a few days away from this life-altering event (as in, it will change all of our lives), but Kylie's big sis Kendall is ready to get weird.

Today, she posted this pic with the caption: "weekend vibes #KyliesTurning18ImScared." I'm assuming it's a preview of just how weird things are going to get.

And while I want to look away, but can't, I find myself asking the following:

  • First of all. Whose ass is that?
  • Is this NSFW?
  • Am I making my boss uncomfortable having this pic up rn?
  • Am I making all of NYC uncomfortable by having this pic up rn?
  • How old is this pic? And why is it in the middle of a field?
  • Have I recently seen this in a porno?
  • Have I recently seen this in an almost-porno?
  • Is this a THOT or nah?
  • Is that a kitten heel?
  • Who TF wears kitten heels anymore?
  • Why can't I stop staring?
  • But do any of my burning questions have answers? Only time will tell my friends. Only time will tell.