ICYMI: Sky Reminisces About Her Fight With Rah Ali And Shows Some Brutal Never-Before-Seen Footage

"That b---h got her big a--- drug the f---k down."

Sky has always been live from the gutta, ten toes down, and if it didn't translate on camera, she needs y'all to know she gave former Love & Hip Hop star Rah Ali the business.

In this Black ink Crew: Behind the Ink special highlight, we take a look at Sky's greatest hits, the literal ones that only made it to the cutting room floor. She barked at Dutchess, arguably dragged Rah Ali, damn near popped a titty fighting Donna, probably traumatized Tiffany for life, and even gave it up crazy when she was just a mere mixxy. Watch the craziest fights Sky's gotten into during her time on Black Ink.

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