We Found Out Who Blac Chyna's Sex Tape Partner Is and He's Pissed

Chyna's ex is not happy that his privates have been made public.

Over the weekend, a sex tape featuring Blac Chyna was leaked on the Internet. It has sparked some...interesting reactions from people on Twitter, but mostly we're all just a little frazzled.

Chyna did not leak the tape herself, which means that it was released without her consent. The 29-year-old is seeking legal action.

And it turns out that she isn't the only one who is pissed off. According to TMZ, her sex tape partner is her ex-boyfriend Mechie, and he is not happy that his private parts have been made public.

You may remember Mechie from back in July, when Rob Kardashian went on a social media tirade that ended in nude photos and a video of Blac Chyna making out with a mystery man being shared on Instagram and Twitter. Mechie is the man from that video.

A rep for Mechie told TMZ that he recorded the encounter on Chyna's cell phone. He insists that he is not the one who leaked the video and says that he never even had a copy for himself.

Chyna and Mechie are both seeking legal action.

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