Law Roach Styles the Remaining Contestants for Their First Go-Sees in the 'ANTM' Sneak Peek

"Girl you got the nastiest walk."

Law Roach isn't stopping by the ANTM house to introduce the the next challenge like Ashley or to take the model's photos like Tyra. He's there to put the models to werk.

In a sneak peek for the next America's Next Top Model, the competition is down which means that it's time for the models to go on "go-sees." Considering go-sees are the job interview of the modeling world, Law is there to do a little prep with the ladies. Wanting everyone to look their best, he has to keep it real with everybody, so Khrystyana has to lose the necklace she's wearing, Erin has to change her shoes that make her look like she's going to the club, and Kyla needs to throw the whole outfit away and start over.

As an image architect, he's looking at the whole picture. Last week everyone was calling Shanice, "Sha-nasty" when she was killing it but for Law the only thing that's nasty this week is her walk. Shanice doesn't really believe Law's critique, "Honestly, I don't think my walk is that bad...honestly, I don't feel I walk like that because I probably wouldn't still be here."

An interview's not an interview if you don't bring your resume so the girls are handed their portfolios and Law wishes them luck before they head out into the real world.

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