VH1 Exclusive: Tiarra Is Tight-Lipped About Her Pregnancy and Reveals She Hasn't Spoken to Tommie at All

"I’m writing another book, too, talking about how KK needs to just get the devil off her back."

Tiarra, a.k.a. Tia Becca, revealed at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion that she is she expecting a baby and married. VH1 caught up with Tiarra after the fact to get all the details on her new husband Bryan and her baby, expected in January 2017. Now, after we spotted Tiarra twerking alongside the likes of New York's Yandy Smith, we needed to check in with the model about what life is looking like and what she could tell us about her current relationships with KK and Tommie.

A lot happened for you at the end of the season, including your marriage and pregnancy. What has life been like since you stopped filming?

Tiarra: I'm adapting to marriage, my blended family, and, of course, being a mom. I'm building my brand, doing these things [on social media] called, #MILFMomDay, where [I'm] encouraging women to work out, to take care of their skin, to take care of their hair, and not forget about everything that’s under our weaves and makeup. I'm just giving encouraging tips on how to lose weight, stay in shape, and manage your schedule. Yandy was a part of one of the #MilfMonDays and we’ve had a lot of people come out and support these events.

You were hanging out with Love & Hip Hop: New York's Yandy Smith and Bianca Bonnie on Instagram, how did you come to know them?

We have mutual friends here in Atlanta and over BET Weekend, Yandy invited me to a video shoot with Bianca. I’ve always loved Yandy and her work ethic. I’ve always admired the sort of boss, wife, and mom she is. Since then we just connected, like I’m still such a fan of Yandy and everything that she does and we had a cool time.

Were you filming the current season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when you linked up with Yandy and Bianca?

I can’t tell.

The last time spoke, you were having a rough first trimester in your pregnancy, how have you been feeling? Any update?

I can’t tell you that neither but I can say that I do love children and if I could I would have like 15 kids. As long as I could afford to take care of them, and as long as I look good and have a big booty and a small waist the entire time I would have them.

People are really interested in how you maintain your physique because you have 5 children. How do you keep yourself in shape?

I don’t really sleep more than I have to, I think the reason we can’t get stuff done is because we don’t take advantage of every minute of our day. When I get my day started that’s when I get everything I need to get in. Whether it’s gym, whether it’s work, I have this rigid schedule and I don’t really bend unless it’s an emergency and that’s how I’m able to fit everything in. If I have to get up at 5:50 to take all of my kids to school [and] I don’t have to go to work, what’s the point of going back home and getting in bed, when I can go straight to the gym and get everything that I need to get in. That's what my life is, I just really believe in capitalizing on every second of the day.

How often do you work out?

Four days a week and then between time, I watch what I eat. I also have little cheats like drinking a black cup of coffee, plus a gallon of water a day. You’re really supposed to drink half of your body weight in water because water will flush everything you eat out of your body. So, I stay hydrated and it will also curb your appetite. So, Ill do like 10 ounces of black coffee no cream, no sugar a a day, and then throughout the day if I feel like snacking or eating sweets or something I’m not supposed to eat, I drink water. It's healthy in terms of that but it’s not a huge obsession because I slip up and get a Chick-Fil-A sandwich when I’m craving it. I don’t believe you have to obsess about it, everything you do in moderation, but you have to drink your water, get your fiber, eat your green vegetables, and cut out the sweets and the soda. That’s the secret: no sweets, no soda, drink a lot of water, a black cup of coffee no cream, no sugar, and don’t over-indulge.

Now that you have a season of reality TV under your belt, how has your life changed? Have you seen SAS or KK recently?

I still don’t have trust for KK. Even if me and KK sat down I can honestly tell you that our relationship is too tarnished to even try to build something healthy. I don’t feel comfortable around her and I don’t trust her. Me and SAS, we haven’t gone like that because that’s his mom. So no, [my son] King still hasn’t seen KK. He hasn’t been around them. I’ve let King see Scrapp’s other son, his brother, and if King wants to, he can also see his dad. People that wish me harm and can just say lies about me without any remorse? [They cannot,] like, no, f--k them. KK can’t really say she loves King, but then try to hurt his mom, whether it’s hurt my reputation or hurt me physically, and my son won’t be a part of that. You can’t love your grandson but still want to see his mom in harm’s way. I mean to be honest, I don’t even think she cares, that’s just straight up because I’ve never met a grandmother as ruthless as her so, yeah, my son doesn’t need to be around all that.

Where do you and Tommie stand today??

I wish KK and Tommie well but me and Tommie have no reason to have a relationship, like I moved on, I’m married, from what I hear, her and Scrapp ain't messing around. It aint like she’s the stepmom [to my son] and she married into the family, or my son has to see her, so I have no reason to have a relationship with her, all I could do is wish her well.

I don’t know if she has issues with me, but KK is her friend and I know KK has an issue with me. To be honest, she’ll probably be old and senile before this happen, but until KK can act like a 60-year-old woman and not a 25-year-old b---h, she will never see my son. I will never be friends with people that is friends with her. I’m just on a whole other caliber and so much better than her, I’m just like, everything in life is stupendous right now, and I don’t need no negative energy coming in, f--king up my Feng shui.

I hope we'll see more of you soon.

I’m writing another book, too, talking about how KK needs to just get the devil off her back. [Laughs] Nah, I’m just playing but this time it’s a little more in depth.