The Ten Most Famous People To Appear On 'Love And Hip Hop'

At long last, Diamond's famous pops, Darryl Strawberry, finally made a cameo on the season finale of Love & Hip Hop. This got us wondering, just who is the most famous person to pull a pop-up on one of Mona Scott-Young's reality soap opera? Famous faces have come in the form of family (Strawberry), friends (Nick Cannon, say what?), and work (Rick Ross).

We've taken it upon ourselves to rank the real life celebrities that have made the most memorable appearances in the history of this crazy Love & Hip Hop franchise. Let us know if you agree in the comments!

1. Nick Cannon on Love & Hip Hop

[mtvn_player vid="997322" autoplay="true"]

Connection: Peter Gunz's wise friend

Takeaway: Nick, being married at the time to diva Mariah Carey, advised his friend Peter to admit that he "f--ked up" and figure out if he could really make it work with Amina.

2. Brandy on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

[mtvn_player vid="1085757"]

Connection: Ray J's sister and voice of reason

Takeaway: Brandy kept it real, telling her brother he needs to be held accountable for his behavior. She also wasn't feeling Princess Love.

3. Snoop Dogg on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

[mtvn_player vid="1069113"]

Connection: Stevie J's friend, Ray J's cousin

Takeaway: Snoop advised Sleazo to tell his former bestie Benzino that he slept with Althea.

4. Darryl Strawberry on Love & Hip Hop

Connection: Father of resident hothead Diamond Strawberry

Takeaway: Darryl wouldn't tell Diamond that he thought she was dumb but he did say she makes dumb decisions. Cool, thanks, dad!

5. Rick Ross on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

[mtvn_player vid="1104498"]

Connection: Owner of Maybach Music Group record label and Omarion's mentor

Takeaway: Rick Ross cosigned for Omarion's first single "Post To Be" and wished him well with his new family. Unclear how he felt about Omarion referring to him as Rosé.

6. Jeremih on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

[mtvn_player vid="1041897" autoplay="true"]

Connection: Friend and advisor to Karlie Redd, nemesis to Yung Joc

Takeaway: Jeremih didn't break Karlie and Joc up but it certainly didn't help. Karlie's song, "Heartbreaker" did turn out pretty hot though.

7. Blackstreet singer Teddy Riley on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

[mtvn_player vid="1094866"]

Connection: Father of Soulja Boy's girlfriend, Nia Riley

Takeaway: Teddy asked if Soulja and Nia smashed on their first date. SMH. Too much, Teddy.

8. Football player Darrelle Revis on Love & Hip Hop

[mtvn_player vid="633589"]

Connection: Boyfriend to Olivia Longott

Takeaway: Darrelle, basically, told Emily B that he and Olivia broke up a year ago. Oop.

9. Rico Love on Love & Hip Hop

[mtvn_player vid="723331"]

Connection: Mentor to Olivia Longott

Takeaway: Well, of his cameo on Love & Hip Hop, Rico recently told VH1: "Not sure if I would be interested in appearing on another reality show in that capacity," so there's that.

10. Lil Boosie on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

[mtvn_player vid="1067566"]

Connection: Subject of a Hip Hop Weekly interview for Stevie J and Benzino

Takeaway: We are still trying to figure out what Boosie said when he was on the show. Help!

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