What Do You Really Know About Rachel McAdams?

The <em>Southpaw</em> is low-key about her personal life, but here's everything you need to know about her.

What's the deal with Rachel McAdams, guys? We have every one of her monologues from The Notebook memorized (as well as every beat of her audition), obsess over her love life, and would probably support her if she stabbed someone in front of our eyes. But what do you really know about her as a person? What was her big break? Who was she before Regina George became our spirit animal? Before you and Rachel take your fake relationship to the next level, maybe it's time you actually get to know her first. Here are some great talking points you can bring up next time you two hang out. She'll seriously be so impressed.

You know she's Canadian, right?

OK, just checking. Last year, she was even inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame.

She made her Hollywood debut in 2002 with The Hot Chick.

It set the tone of her kween roles to come. Before that, she appeared in a few Canadian TV shows and films and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from York University's theatre program. Baby RM got training from Disney and Shakespeare summer camps.

She worked at a McDonald's drive-thru.

For real. She said her boss gave her that position because he could "hear the smile in [her] voice." She accidentally broke the orange juice machine, but was super whatevs about it.

And used to be a competitive figure skater.

She described it as "the sequined, bedazzled era" when she "put blue eyeshadow up [her] eyebrows, and glitter all over [her] face." So multi-talented.

She once shut down a nude photo sesh like a boss.

When Vanity Fair wanted to include her on the March 2006 Hollywood Issue alongside Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley, she realized it was a nude shoot and left on the spot. Keira later commented that Rachel just said, "No, I'm not into that," and a few years later, Rachel said she had "no regrets" about it. YO-freakin-LO right there.

She gets her zen on daily.

By practicing Kundalini yoga every morning. She's just chill like that.

And loves cake as much as the next gal.


Bae passes on grass, so don't even offer.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2013, she admitted a doctor suggested marijuana to help her sleep, but she hated it. "I was totally hallucinating.... I heard this guy singing opera in my head, I was going crazy." You'll find other activities to do together, we're sure of it.

She went paragliding once and hated the shit out of it.

In fact, she says it's the only thing she would go back and change in her life. "I obviously survived, but barely. So terrifying, I didn't enjoy one second of it," she said. Just don't do it, K?

She's not a fame whore. Like, not even a little.

In 2006, she took a year-long break from acting, and later explained: "There were a lot of cooks in the kitchen, a lot of voices around me, and I wanted to step away, so I could hear my own voice again. Truthfully, I never really wanted to be a big movie star." She even turned down roles in films like The Devil Wears Prada and Casino Royale. She's not on Twitter, her Instagram is super low-key, and even when she was famous, she shared a house with her brother. In other words, she's actually the coolest.