Erica Mena Reveals the Iconic Fight with Kimbella Was Because of Yandy Smith in the Sneak Peek to 'Love & Hip Hop: Dirty Little Secrets'

"That was an ugly moment. Ugh! So ugly!"

Remember when Mama Jones was a "phsychotic b---h?" Or when Joe Budden publicly struggled with addiction? The Love & Hip Hop franchise has broken barriers on national TV and we will recount it all in this Love & Hip Hop:Dirty Little Secrets special including the explosive fight between Kimbella and Erica Mena.

Before lovable mothers like Momma Dee were leaving nests in the middle of people's businesses, Mama Jones was the original off-the-wall mother. DJ Self reminisces how at the time she made that ever so popular "Psychotic Bitch" song aimed at her Chrissy Lampkin, Mama Jones pulled up to the radio station to make sure her record got some spins.

Joe Budden publicly battled his demons with substance abuse with the support of his then girlfriend Tahiry Josè. Looking back, Tahiry remembers constantly crying from burdening herself protecting Joe's secret addiction. The scene where Joe confided in his mother was real, raw, and emotional, not to mention the man took a drug test in front of millions of viewers.

When Love & Hip Hop was first getting poppin, producers were unaware of how turnt up the cast mates could get while filming sit-downs. Take for example, Kimbella verse Erica Mena. No one could have predicted that their argument would escalate to the point that drinks were thrown and glasses was broken. Security was nonexistent. Now, Erica can't help but laugh at that "ugly" moment. What we don't know is that before the two ladies began rumbling, Yandy allegedly told Erica about some ish Kimbella was saying. Messy. Messy.

You definitely do not want to miss the secrets spilled in the Love & Hip Hop Hop: Dirty Little Secrets special airing at a special time, Tuesday October 17th at 8/7c!