This Week On SMASH: Springtime Boners!

Spring LOVE was in the air on this week’s SMASH. There were so many potential hook-ups, so many awkward dates and SO MUCH sexual TENSION. Who made out HARD CORE? Where did Karen’s personality go? Is there a reason my chin hair keeps growing back in the same place? Let’s find out! Here are the top ten moments from SMASH your grandpa will know nothing about.

10. Karen and Jimmy are being SUPER secretive about their “relationship,” or what I like to call, “two robot teenagers having an uncomfortable hang out.” They decide to make out in the wardrobe closet; to which I screamed out loud, “EW.”

9. Tom uses SIRI.

8. The Hitlist cast performs a song about Lady Gaga.

7. Julia and that guy from RENT are old college buddies and it’s looking like they are totally gonna bang soon. It was SEXUAL TENSION CENTRAL!

6. Apple product placement.

5. The LOVE triangle among Derek, Karen and Jimmy finally crashes when Derek tries to tell Karen that he LOVES her, but finds out that she’s with Jimmy. Then of course, like always, Derek storms out of rehearsal.

4. This background actor gets her moment.

3. It was Ivy’s birthday and Tom got her a special surprise performance from the one and only LIZA MINNELLI!

2. As Karen and Jimmy walk to go on a proper date, Karen finds the bag of COKE in Jimmy’s jacket pocket!!!!!!!!

1. Old flames Ivy and Derek meet for a birthday drink at the end of the night…I think I know what’s gonna happen here.

See you next week SMASHIES!