Bonus Clip: Sophia Body's Manager Thinks Her Situation With James R. and Jaquae Is All-The-Way F--ed Up

"You just did a video... for a dog?"

Sophia Body's puppy may be cute and all, but was all of that drama really worth putting her relationship and career on the back burner?

In this deleted scene from Love & Hip Hop, Sophia Body is ready to get back on her grind, with her lil' puppy Stassy in hand. She meets up with her manager and explains how she came to be united with her new fur baby. The debacle that took place with James R. video shoot featuring a dragging by MariahLynn is recounted to bring her manager up to speed with what has been going on. There are many things wrong with this story and this manager isn't shy in breaking them down for Sophia.

1. She essentially went through all of that for a dog, a cute one, but a dog nonetheless.

2. She has been out of communication with the people who are supposed to have her back for a hot minute now. What's he point of having a manager if you don't allow him to manage?

Sophia goes on to tell him how Jaquae found out about this and even the manager agrees how f---ed up this all is. Word of advice: Personal relationships are hard to keep in this industry as it is so it is very important to maintain them. She doesn't know James like that or his motives so to burn Jaquae wasn't really a smart look. Sophia needs to focus and get it together.

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