Countdown To Cardi B: Check Out Some Of The Sex Tips That Made Her Famous


We know, we know, Cardi B wasn't even in tonight's premiere of Love & Hip Hop, but don't will meet her soon enough. (Trust, she's definitely worth the wait.)  In the meantime, check out some of her best work on Instagram, these videos are one of the reasons she has the following that she does. And now, words of wisdom from life coach Cardi. (You may want to plug in your headphones if you're watching at work or with your grandma.)

Cardi B on focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.

Note To Self: You are your only competition.

Cardi B on dealing with that time of month ladies (guys you too).

Note To Self: eff tampons then!

Cardi B on starting a family.

Note To Self: Don't date dudes from Harlem unless you want him to wear a Burberry shirt at your baby shower.

Cardi B on making room for what matters.

Note To Self: Getting your wisdom teeth pulled has a glittering silver lining

Cardi B on embracing your flaws.

Note To Self: Insults mean nothing if your pum pum tun up.

For more life tips, you can always check out her Instagram page and catch her on an all new episode of Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8/7c.

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