Paris Jackson's Latest Piercing Is in a 'Very' Uncomfortable Place


This looks like it hurt.

Instagram expert Paris Jackson has taken to the platform yet again to show off her latest piercing. The daughter of late legend Michael debuted some new ink, including a touching tribute to her father, on IG in April and now, she's unveiled a new tongue stud.

Jackson, who just turned 18 last month, appears to be playing with her new piercing in the pic, which is bonkers because pain (right?). She seems to have placed one of the hollowed out noodles from her bowl of soup perfectly around the stud. See the pic here.

"Almost like ring-toss. but with noodles and needles," Jackson wrote in the caption. Again, ouch?! My mind is blown.

You really have to admire this gal for her openness to experiment with body art. Will brother Prince follow in her footsteps? It's a possibility.

Check out Jackson's new piercing in the IG post above and if you missed it, peep her newest ink here: