Stevie J Reveals Everything You Need To Know About Each Of His Children

"I would describe my parenting style as new wave and relatable."

We're getting to see a lot of more Stevie J's children this season on Leave It To Stevie, and we're loving it. From his daughters' hilarious impressions of Joseline to his son Stevie Jr.'s basketball skills, his kids are stealing focus on the new series. In this exclusive interview, Stevie describes all of his kids and their biggest accomplishments and personality traits. First there's Sade, 21, the straight-A college student who dates a "nerd," in Stevie's words. Next is aspiring rapper Dorian who's also 21 ("It just happened to be a good year," Stevie jokes.). Lil Stevie is 19 and he's a rising basketball star at Rider University. Savannah, 18, is "hell on wheels" and abuses Stevie's black titanium card. And of course there's Eva Giselle, age 7, who is by far his most sensitive child. "All of them have my attributes... You're gonna see me parent on a different kind of level," Stevie says.

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