The 'Black Ink Crew' Say Their Final Goodbyes to the Remaining Memory of Dutchess and, Spoiler Alert, No One Will Miss Her

"I'm going to miss them ashy ass lips."

Dutchess has done so much dirt to the people she's worked with for years because not a one of them had a single nice thing to say about shorty. Welp!

In this Black Ink Crew highlight, Melody is ecstatic to turn up with the crew after the week she's had. The boss man is back in New York to welcome everyone to the new Black Ink. All of the renovations are cool, but there's something in the back that needs to be taken care of. Dutchess' grafitti'd name on that back wall has gotsta go. Walt is the first to give a touching speech for the member who is no longer with them. It goes as follows:

RIH: Rest In Hell, Dutch! Goodbye, Dutch! I'm going to miss them ashy ass lips and the way you used to walk around and try to talk down to us so condescendingly. F---k you, b---h! Leave!

So sweet. Donna also offers a few words to remember the dome she gave Dutchess back in Miami. Kit has not known Dutchess as long as the others, but the pepper spray in the face will always be a reminder of someone Kit will never miss. Now that that's taken care of, the party continues.

What do you all think Sky would sai.....Never mind. Don't miss an all new Black Ink Crew next Wednesday at 9/8c!