Sneak Peek: Are Scrappy And Shay Friendly Again?

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"I get what I'm doing is wrong, but sometimes it feels so right," Shay said. Shay is happy to play second fiddle to Scrappy as the "friend" he runs to whenever he and Erica are having problems.

From day one Shay has proudly boasted about being the woman Scrappy runs to even though she knows his heart is with Erica. It's not super shocking he has fallen back into Shay's arms now that Erica called the engagement off. And forget the fact that he proposed to Erica on TV while Shay was there, she's ready and willing with a bottle of baby oil to rub him down. And Shay finally admits they are friends with benefits.

"I missed the friendship, and I don't want to ever lose you as my homie ever in life again," he says. They've come to the conclusion sex muddied their friendship. "I think the sausage get in the way." It's all fine and dandy they're friends again, but where does that leave him and Erica? Tune in Monday at 8PM to see how it will unfold.


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