These Were The Top Stories Of 2018 On VH1


As we close out 2018, there were so many big stories to report on. We welcomed a whole bunch of new babies to the VH1 fam (more than 15 in all!). We said hello to a whole bunch of new celebrity couples and goodbye to others. It was a year of reunions, revivals and reconciliations.

So what were the absolute biggest VH1-related posts of the year? Check out all the top stories on our site by month and re-live the glory that was 2018.


Who is Anais's Husband Ruben, REALLY?

Literally hundreds of thousands of you wanted the answer to this question when Ruben Brito, the man married to Anais Martinez, made his debut on Love & Hip Hop New York.


VH1/51 Minds


Where Are They Now: The Men Of I Love New York

Every February around Valentine's Day, VH1 re-airs that old romantic chestnut I Love New York. And every February, your Google fingers start clackin' on that keyboard to see what the hell happened to these guys.


sky desa genesis

Ceaser Meets With Sky's Son Genesis

This wasn't just the biggest post on for the month of March, it was the biggest post OF THE YEAR. Sky's story on Black Ink Crew about reuniting with the sons she gave up for adoption as a teen mother has resonated with and devastated fans for seasons now. When we saw that her son Genesis was not open to meeting with her, that's where Ceaser stepped in. Fans were desperate to know if Cease could be the one to fix this broken relationship. Was he successful? Click and see for yourself.




Tamar Braxton Literally Leaves Her Hip Hop Square to Check DeRay Davis For Talking Slick

Here's what youre NOT gonna do if you're sharing the stage with Tamar Braxton on Hip Hop Squares. You're NOT gonna accuse her of lip syncing. 'Cause that's when Tamar's leaving her seat and coming for you.


Here Are All Babies Born (and Expected) From the VH1 Family in 2018

In May we started keeping track of all the pregnancies and births in the VH1 family, and now that we're in December, we've welcomed over a dozen babies to the fold. From Melody Love Norwood to Baby Girl Mackie to Ocean Zion Bentley, we're in love with all this cuteness.


Rihanna Meeting Tommie Lee in the Streets of Paris is Everything You’d Want to See

It's only a six-second video but it's confirmation that RiRi watches LHHATL and is just as obsessed with Tommie as we are.


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Erica Mena

Erica Mena Tells Stevie J That There’s a Reason Mimi Faust Went Full-On Lesbian After Being With Him

Erica knows how to cut a man down to size, and in this clip from the LHHATL reunion, she proves that Stevie J is one more motherf---er who can't handle her mouth. “You realize that after you Mimi became strictly lesbian right? Like you’re nothing to talk about.”


Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 12.42.19 PM

A1 Admits to Marcus That He’s Lowkey Scared of Brooke Valentine

This is why we make Check Yourself. Watching the cast react to their episodes of Love & Hip Hop is not only hilarious but you get to see them at their most real. Like, we really feel like A1 is genuinely scared of Brooke. 😂


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This Former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Vet Has Tied the Knot and is Ready to Welcome Her Baby Girl!

Ray J's former assistant Morgan Hardman made a big splash in September when she announced a couple of huge life changes. Congrats to you, Morgan!



This Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star is Home From Prison and Got a Loving Welcome From the Women in His Life

Scrapp Deleon was released from prison earlier than anyone expected, and he was welcomed home with open arms by some, but not all, the women in his life.


Bonnie Bella Speaking Spanish with Joseline is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

2.3 Million Instagram views on this one. Joseline knows how to give the people what they want, and what they want is adorable videos of the Baddest Puta y Bonnie Bella.


Are Pigs Flying?: Ceaser Reunited with This Former Black Ink Crew Cast Member

We never thought we'd see the day that Ceaser and Puma would reunite. Now all they need is O'S**t to work things out.

There you have it. These are the stories that you guys read the most, we hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane and look forward to whatever 2019 brings. Happy New Year!