Erica Mena Should Consider Hiring Safaree Samuels As Her Personal Photographer 'Cause 😍

Erica is a rider!

Mena, Mena, Mena. (Rich Dollaz voice)

Erica Mena's flourishing out here, showing off her sandy cheeks in those bikini bottoms. Sis had Twitter in all types of lust when she posted the ultimate cowboy's thirst trap shot by her rumored new boo Safaree Samuels.

*Sigh, God bless her.* Who knew Safaree was such a master at capturing those mothaf--ing angels?! But wait. There's more. As if your shirt isn't wet enough from all of that drool, Erica also posted a video of herself riding that horse on the beach.

Always been a rider 🐎— Erica Mena (@iamErica_Mena) December 7, 2018

We're unsure where exactly Erica flewed out to (Rihanna cosigned the City Girls, so yes, flewed out) or if she and Safaree are on a baecation but she's looking good- like two thighs, mac & cheese, collard greens and a biscuit with raspberry lemonade, good.

Dear Erica,

Please keep sharing pictures.

Love, Your Very Appreciative Fans.

In this throwback Scared Famous clip, Erica is so shook, she runs into Safaree's arms.