'Black Ink Crew' First Look: Ceaser's Baby Mama Drama Gets Serious

The pressure is on for Ceaser.

On Monday's two-part finale of Black Ink Crew, Dutchess is on hand to support her man in family court, but there has to be a whole bunch of things she wants to say about Ceaser's ex that aren't exactly camera-friendly.

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When the only way to avoid jail time is by somehow scrounging up $2,000 in 60 minutes, you'd want to call your enemy "psycho"/"crazy"/[insert word of choice here] as well.

Here's the deal: Through some complications, Crystal technically wasn't getting her monthly child support payments from Ceaser. (Keep the faith in our legal system, folks.) Now, in order to continue to run his business and be with his love, he needs to pay up--immediately. With all his money in the shop and not too many banks or bags of money in sight, can he get it done?

Black Ink Crew Ceaser And Dutchess Go To Family Court

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