The Kendrick Lamar vs. Eminem Debate Is The Most Stressful Topic On Social Media

Who's the real king of rap: Eminem, Kendrick Lamar or neither?

Just days after releasing his fourth studio album DAMN, Kendrick Lamar turned hip hop upside down and catapulted himself to the infamous top five of many diehard rap fans. Some are even leaning toward the opinion that he might be the best rapper...ever? Not so fast! There's still Eminem.

Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg stirred the pot of this never ending argument by making the big assertion that with his latest project, Kendrick solidified himself as the greatest MC to ever do it. “Kendrick's the best rapper who’s ever lived. There’s not a person who can rap on planet earth better than Kendrick Lamar," Rosenberg boldly proclaimed on the airwaves. "Eminem can rap as well. Nas can rap as well. Big Pun is right around there as well. But I don't believe anyone can rap better than Kendrick Lamar.”

That strong statement sent shock waves through social media. Some agree that Kendrick has proven his lyrical skills to be untouchable within a relatively short career, while others say Eminem is literally "The Rap God." Shockingly, the highly contested debate on who's the better rapper doesn't even mention greats like Notorious B.I.G, Tupac and Jay-Z. Yeah, we have no words...

When it comes to K. Dot, folks think his lyrical flow, wordplay and unique subject matter put him in a league of his own. True, Kendrick Lamar hasn't been in the game long compared to Em. But each of his four albums have done incredibly well, and his debut good kid, m.A.A.d city is widely considered a classic.

On the other hand, some folks believe Eminem is a legend and that Kendrick just can't compare. Kendrick has even called Eminem one of his biggest inspirations sonically.

So of course, you know we had to extend the question: Who's the best rapper: Kendrick or Eminem? it neither? Vote below:

Check out this throwback clip of Kendrick Lamar chatting with VH1 on the video set for "Poetic Justice."