Amina Buddafly Announced That She Has Written A Tell-All Book Called "The Other Woman"

Putting this on our Christmas list right this second.

Love & Hip Hop's Amina Buddafly just revealed that she has written a book about her life, and judging from the title, fans are going to pounce when it's released. Entitled The Other Woman, Amina explained on Instagram that "There are many sides to a story. I've decided to tell mine."

She adds "Checkout the cover for my forthcoming book: The Other Woman. I've been working hard on this for a long time and I can't wait to share this book and my journey with the world. Stay tuned for release dates and my book tour announcement. Special thanks to my publishing company @13thandjoan for making this possible."

From what we can tell on Instagram, the book has a couple of celebrity fans already --- MariahLynn and Bambi Benson are into it!

Where do we pre-order???