Jon Hamm FINALLY Won An Emmy for His Work on 'Mad Men' and Sweetly Thanked His Ex-Girlfriend in His Speech

Got the whole world #Draping right now.

After 12 (that's right, 12) nominations for Best Actor in a Drama Series and having to live under the never-ending question of "Is Jon Hamm ever gonna win?" the Mad Men star finally won the golden statue that eluded him for so long.

The handsome and talented actor finally ended his baffling snub streak on Sunday night when he won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of conflicted ad man Don Draper. After the audience held its breath, Hamm's friend and 30 Rock co-star Tina Fey announced he was the winner.

Hamm took the stage in a most hilarious fashion (he skipped the steps and just kind of belly flopped his way up there), but he was humbled when he took the microphone. The actor (who is the only Mad Men star to ever win an acting award for the beloved and acclaimed series) said it would be "impossible to be standing up here" without the people who helped him along the way in his career.

The actor then named off "the families who have chosen to take me in and be nice to me along this strange road," including Cora and Jen. Cora and Jen, in case you were wondering (or needed a reason to weep), are his dog and his ex-girlfriend of 16 years, Jennifer Westfeldt.

In case that wasn't enough to make you love the guy even more, check out what Gail Pennington revealed about the other names listed in his speech:

Those people Jon Hamm thanked are mostly school parents at John Burroughs in STL who took him in after his mom died when he was 10. #Emmys— Gail Pennington (@GailPennington) September 21, 2015

The star ended his long-awaited speech by thanking "everyone who watched the show." Trust us, Jon, the pleasure was all ours. We're just happy you finally got your due.