The 'Tough Love: CoEd' Interview With Paj, Mr. Superficial

Tough Love: CoEd's Paj, a.k.a. Mr. Superficial, is a really nice guy and we learned after speaking with him that nothing really bothers him...except for being called "Pashmina."

Paj landed in the Hot Seat last night after an episode that saw him dressed in full drag and performing his sexiest dance moves on stage for his date. The dancing he enjoyed. The drag, not so much. Hear what he has to say about this week's challenges.

Should I call you "Pashmina" now?

No. Don't ever call me that.

What was it like dressing in drag?

Oh man, it was horrible! The worst day of my life. Listen, the only good thing that came out of that experience is that I proved I don't make a good-looking woman. That's it.

You had some serious skills in the sexy talent show. Tell me about your dancing career.

Yes, that's what I do so I was in my element. The first time I danced I think I was 18, I was in high school. I've always been a professional dancer, so you know, I kind of just fell into it.

Did you think you went overboard with your performance? Were you worried about how your date reacted?

It didn't bother me, it's not for everybody. And quite honestly, I wasn't into her like that anyway. I was just having a good time. Some people feel uncomfortable, some people go with the flow, some people judge. Everyone's got their own prerogative to think whatever they want, but I'm gonna still do what I wanna do and enjoy life.

Did you give any dancing advice to anyone else?

I choreographed Stu at home. Stu had me rolling with his mustache and everything.When they told us what we were doing everyone just kind of came to our room and was like, okay, what do I need to do? We put together some costumes and choreographed some stuff and everyone put their own touch on it, it worked out real good.

Does the nickname Mr. Superficial bother you at all?

It doesn't bother me. Society is kind of weird, you can put a label on somebody just because of the way that they're dressed or the car they have or if they're flashy. It doesn't make them superficial or bad. It was kind of a compliment, I think. Trust me, I've been called everything in the book. There's nothing I could be called that's new to me.

Were you surprised you ended up in the Hot Seat?

Oh, no way, man. I knew that was set up. I was like, the sex episode will be my Hot Seat for sure. 'Cause Steve wanted me to go subtle and and I don't do subtle. Subtle and Paj do not go in the same sentence, so you know, I figured it would happen to me. Steve tries to help people out, but you can't change who you are. I'm not gonna change who I am just to be on a date with somebody. I already compromised a lot with the drag thing, so I was like, I'm not doing any more. That's all you get.