Where Are They Now? Reconnect With Some Of Your Favorite 'Tough Love' Alums

Tough Love is essentially a makeover show. You take a bunch of women (or men!) with a dating issue, and over the course of eight weeks or so, you mold them into a better version of themselves, and there's a very clear "before and after." But for fans of the show who become invested in the process, we don't always get to see the "after," save for one reunion episode. So we did some digging to find out where some of your favorite cast members are nowadays, from all four of the previous seasons. Who's married, who stayed with their matches from the show, and who's still "single and ready to mingle."

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Season One

Arian Mayer

"Things are great on my end. Back in college finally finishing my nursing degree and working as an EMT. I love helping people. I also volunteer as a tutor for homeless children. Still single but been dating regularly. NO the issue is NOT me, hahaha! I've been very picky. I have many offers of the table to get married and knocked up hahaha. Just want to focus on myself for a bit."

Jody Green

"I moved in with my boyfriend I have been with since October of 2011 --- funny, he and I have been running with the same crew of friends since college, just never met one another until my best friend who married his best friend introduced us. We moved in to our house in Venice in June 2012, and I got pregnant a week after we moved in together. Ruby Grace Green-Boris arrived March 7th. She is the love of our lives and we are both beyond excited to be her parents. We have a house in Beverly Hills, around the corner from my office (I was promoted to Vice President last year). So, essentially, you can have it all and it is never too late to have what you want --- a career, a relationship and a family at 43. No plans to marry, we are happy as we are."

Season Two

Tina Newsom

"I am getting married to the MAN OF MY DREAMS and partner in crime this summer.  I invited both Steve and JoAnn, and JoAnn and her husband have already RSVP'ed :-)  My fiance's name is David and he could not be any better of a match for me. He has three kids and we are FULL TIME parents.  I just bought my first house, so we are all living happily together and I tell you what...I am doing GREAT.  And of course I am having so much fun planning this wedding."

Rocky DeMarco

"Since the show, I have lost the two most precious things in my life, my Chi-Chi who loved to pee-pee on the paper, and my beautiful and talented mother Arlene DeMarco of the Five DeMarco sisters. I was her personal care giver and saw first hand the horrible heath care system we have and how they treat the elderly. You know me, my plight is to make sure I expose how these poor sick people are treated and be the advocate they need.

Obviously I am still single, I dedicated every ounce of my being to save my mom which left me with no room to find love. I lost her February 13 of this year and hope and pray number one that there is a heaven and she is okay, and that I can find love.  I hope to find the strength to continue my career and make her proud."

Liz Richards

"I'm going on my third year of happily married wedding bliss and I'm lovin' it like McDonald's! My husband Andy and I met at one of his band's performances just two weeks after Tough Love 2 wrapped and we've been together ever since.  Since the big white dress and infamous nacho cheese fountain, we've both been pretty focused on our careers (mine in reality TV development and his in music) so no plans for little bumpkins just yet...But someday. Like love, life is random, I sometimes go crazy trying to plan it, but at the end of the day, it's going to happen when happens which always seems to be when I least expect it.  So play on playa, play on..."

Jenna Santana

"So, short end of it, still single. But since then, I graduated grad school and moved to New York City. Working at a large ad agency and doing super awesome fun great stuff. Met some of the girls from last season in a little viewing party reunion. Dating a lot more and having much more fun in general. I definitely appreciate my experience there these days. I learned a lot more about myself than anything and in a good way. It was hard on me for a while because I figured out I wasn't as strong as I thought I was. But I guess it made me get to know myself and make better relationships in general because I didn't know how people were viewing me. And now that I've gotten over myself, I'm so appreciating the amazing life experience, doing the show, even learning about how these things are produced because it gives me insight into my own job. We were casting a video that kids had to film themselves, so I wrote the directions for them like a pro. Even told them not to wear heavy patterns or jangly jewelry. That's right, bitches!"

Sally Hagar

"I'm married!! I got married on Feb 9th! Everything is going great.”

Alicia Gentile

"Dave and I got married last September, we have a 2 year old daughter, Emma, who was our flower girl.  All is well and maybe we'll have another one soon...maybe! Sally and I are still really good friends, she attended my wedding and I attended hers --- so the show isn't just about finding love, you can find a good friend too!"

Tough Love Miami

Avonte Wright

"Same sheeeeeet different day!!! LOL!!!! No, seriously not dating anyone, not even celebs... Yaaaay, right? Celibate and focused on school and work. I have a large number of girlfriends that makes my life exciting!!!”

Michelle Betts

"So where am I?  Well, first off, my family is wonderful, mom and I couldn't be better.  It's crazy how she had no idea the way I felt in regards to it being all about my sister.  Things with her and I were always good, but now all that resentment I had is totally gone.....she asks me about me and it's nice.  My sister is my absolute best friend.

I'm dating a wonderful man.  I've known him for about 7 years, we actually dated three years ago but it was only for a few weeks. I wasn't ready for him, got scared and completely pushed him away, but he always stayed in my life as a friend.  All I can say is when I'm with him I feel good.  He's a writer and is the funniest man. I swear I am constantly laughing.  He spoils the crap out of me, we communicate well, and I feel safe with him.  When I say safe I mean in every way, I know he would never let anything happen to me and would never do anything to hurt me.  He believes in me and wants the best for me.  The really funny thing, and you can tell Steve this, is that Mr. Ward was right. I had my long list of everything I was looking for and when you do meet someone really special that list completely goes away. He does not work out at all, smokes, is a bit older than me --- and I don't care, because like I said earlier, when I'm with him, in his presence, I feel so good.  He's handsome, charming, romantic, treats me like a princess, and is so damn funny."

Brigette Wartel

"I’m in a relationship--- Not the same guy from the reunion though --- that only lasted ten months. I live with someone and it will be a year on May 5th. He's the one! Lol. Yes, it went fast and I pulled a Brigette --- kind of --- but this just kind of happened. He treats me amazing! Wish it was him during the reunion because he would have come with me."

Christine Streets

"Frank and I are living together in Fort Lauderdale.  I moved in ten months ago and we are busy planning for our future.  Except for I think he met me on 'Tough Love: Cleaning Edition' and I met him on a show called 'Lowered Expectations.' Joking aside, we are best friends and couldn't be happier."

Jane Castro

"My update is I have been single for a year."

Leilani Dowding

"I'm single and ready to mingle!"

Claudia Lopez

[mtvn_player vid="719611" width=615 height=345]

Claudia is married to Trevor, the man she brought with her to the Miami reunion, and she is currently pregnant with their first child.

Tough Love: New Orleans

Donna Sonkin

Donna still lives in New York and was just married!

Elizabeth Vashisht

"Since the show has aired, I have had the most amazing experiences.I feel truly blessed and grateful for all the doors that have been opened due to the show and my hard work. I have been working closely with my public relations people and manger to focus on my professional aspirations. This has led to the launch of my website, invitations to many exclusive celebrity red carpet events, as well as modeling and photo shoots at some of the most beautiful locations. In addition, I continue to be invited to host events and have appeared in an independent film that will premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival. I have also been working toward the final details and launch of my cosmetics line. I continue to live on my own, and work as a freelance make-up artist where I work with runway models, weddings and everyday beauty.

Romantically, I have been seeing someone but continue to focus on me, my career and being Miss Independent."