Sheree Fletcher on "Will Smith Money" and Why Trey Isn't like Willow and Jaden

"I didn’t choose to be a single mom that was a default of my marriage not working."

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On Monday night's explosive episode of Hollywood Exes, Mayte Garcia talked about the difficulties of being a single parent. When Sheree Fletcher related, Mayte shut it down saying, "Sheree, you had Will Smith money. I don't." We were able to catch up with Sheree about what went through her head when Mayte said that and why her son Trey Smith isn't in the news like his famous siblings, Willow and Jaden Smith.

So what went through your head when Mayte said you had "Will Smith money?"

Sheree Fletcher:

I was speechless. I’m glad Drea was there to put into words the feelings that everyone was having because it’s such a personal dig. That money does not make single parenting easier. I was a young mom, I had my alimony, I could have been in the streets acting a fool, out at night. I didn’t do that. I was a very devoted mother. I had a village. I had my family but I never had a nanny and I was a very hands-on mom. The one thing I’m proud of is that I’ve been a great mom. Don’t take that away from me. How dare you undermine that - that was very offensive to me.

It looked like you had to take a minute after she said that so as not hit her in the face.

I can take a beat and I can process. As a single mom - I left the marriage; you deal with the guilt of the marriage not working out. [Mayte] just doesn’t understand what the process has been and for her to assume that it’s easy and that her job is harder because she doesn’t have the child support check. Well you chose that! I didn’t choose to be a single mom that was a default of my marriage not working. And you can tell I’m still a little heated, right? [Laughs]

How is your relationship with Mayte today?

It was good. Until the airing of last night’s episode it was good. I’m sure she’s hurt by some of the things I said. I was trying to figure out where that comment would come from. If she’s thinking it was easier for us? Maybe there is some resentment there. We all made the choice to move on and she did not. She threw a dagger at me and I was just trying to figure what the root of that was.

So your ex's other kids have been in the news a lot these past weeks. Why don't we ever hear about your son?

Trey was raised differently – in a different home. Trey doesn’t really like the limelight. I don’t want to say he’s more grounded but he just had a different upbringing. He wasn’t as exposed to the whole Hollywood aspect of life. A lot of that was by choice because dad wouldn’t leave him out. He has an insight and he doesn’t like anything that’s not real or authentic.

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