7 Good Things That Happened on Election Night

You've got to take the good anywhere you can find it.

By Jasmine Washington

After a grueling political campaign season, the United States has finally elected a new president. Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton sparked a drastic decline in the global stock market and rocked many Americans to the core, especially some of your favorite celebrities. Regardless of your opinion of Trump and his take on politics, there has actually been some good that's come from last night's election. There were history making moments for women in several states and marijuana lovers have reasons to celebrate and elevate. Whether you're turning up for Trump or in a slump because of Trump take a look at these 7 good things worth cheering about election night in America.

North Carolina got rid of its transphobic governor.

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCory lost his seat to Ryan Cooper. McCory came under fire for pushing HB2, a law that requires people who identify as transgender to use bathrooms that reflect the gender they were assigned at birth.

California elects first Black woman to Senate in years.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris makes history as the first Black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate in over two decades.

Minimum wage increased in several states.

Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington have all agreed to raise their state's minimum wage. Wages in Maine will go from $7.50 to $12 by 2020. Wages in Colorado will go up from $8.31 to $12 by 2020.

Pot legalized in several states.

Voters in California, Massachusetts and Nevada have all voted to legalize recreational pot use. Californians (21 and older, of course) are allowed to posses up to one ounce of marijuana and grow six plants. Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota have all approved the use of medicinal marijuana.

Ilhan Omar made history as the nation’s first Somali-American legislator.

34-year-old Ilhan Omar makes history as the first Somali-American Muslim legislator in the House of Representatives. Omar came out triumphant in Minnesota's House race.

We know at least one qualified woman who is replacing Barack Obama.

Tammy Duckworth won Illinois's Senate race restoring the Democratic seat that was once held by Barack Obama. The Iraq War veteran is the second woman in Illinois's history to become a senator.

First Latina elected to US Senate

Catherine Cortez Masto makes history as the first Latina United States Senator after coming out victorious in Nevada's senate race.