Wiz Khalifa Says He's Waiting On A Script For Furious 8'

He's also totally down with Vin Diesel's cover of "See You Again."

Furious 7 is still going strong at the box office, and the major highlight is undoubtedly "See You Again," Wiz Khalifa's touching tribute song to the film's late star, Paul Walker. Khalifa most recently made us all cry during his passionate performance on SNL, but he says the song isn't as emotionally difficult to perform as you might expect.

"I have fun singing that song because it has a great message and it makes people feel so good," he said during an appearance at Live Nation's first-ever National Concert Day 2015 Summer Spotlight in New York City's Irving Plaza. "I know that the song reaches out. It’s really good to bring that message, so I have a really good time doing it." It may seem daunting trying to write the soundtrack centerpiece, especially for such a beloved worldwide star, but Khalifa says he wasn't stressed. "Nah, it was a good thing because it comes off really, really well. The message is for everyone. It was about one certain thing, but everybody can connect to it."

Just ask Vin Diesel, who delivered a sweet version of his own at the MTV Movie Awards. "I thought it was real good," says Khalifa warmly. "Vin’s my man, he’s a good guy.

The song has gone on to become a monster hit, shooting to number one —bumping Billboard juggernaut "Uptown Funk" from the top spot— and breaking Spotify records. "I didn’t know it was going to do all that, it was just fun to write."

So would be be down to follow it up with a song for the recently confirmed Furious 8? "Yeah, hopefully! If they give me a script or something. Let’s talk to ‘em!"